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Traditional Services

We guarantee quality services for our customers

With traditional services we indicate what constitutes the basis of proposition in the field of Supervision and Security in general.
The proposal of MD Consulting Agency is supported:
– by virtue of formalized agreements to act in the name and on behalf of agents or consultants of some of the most important market players;
– as a “network” through collaboration agreements;
– directly where the legislation provides for it or allows it.

Uomo della sicurezza che effettua un controllo MD Consulting Agency

Inspection Services

Planting services by means of Guardia Particolare Giurata c / o industrial areas – homes – shipbuilding areas etc.

Videocamere sorveglianza MD Consulting Agency

Connections of Video Surveillance Systems

With execution of Video-Control in case of Alarms or Video-Inspections in case of remote control of events or places.

Persone che parlano all'interno di un edificio MD Consulting Agency

Supply of Plant Engineering

Anti Access Control – Intrusion Video Surveillance both traditional and thermal, Video Surveillance, license plate reading.
Assignment of goods on loan for use or purchase.

Receptionist parla con un uomo MD Consulting Agency

Connections of Anti-Intrusion Systems C/O Operations Center

With Emergency Services, Management of Alarm Signals, Technical Signals (Fire-Gas-Thermal), Specific Signals (Robbery-Anti Malore-Anti Coercion).

Throughout Italy

We guarantee this type of service throughout the national territory