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Traditional services

With traditional services we indicate what constitutes the basis of proposition in the context of Supervision and Security in general.

The MD Consulting Agency proposal is supported:
- by virtue of formal agreements to act by name and on behalf of agents or consultants of some of the most important market players;
- as a "network" through collaboration agreements;
- directly where the legislation allows or allows it.

That is, the supply of Armed Operators (G.P.G. - Sworn Private Guards) who, permanently staying on site, monitor and control company areas, construction sites and so on.

That is the ability with occasional steps, always carried out by G.P.G., to carry out checks at any type of location both externally and internally.
Technology in this sector supports the work done by operators, giving the ability to provide notification of the certainty of the operation.

That is, the possibility of connecting alarm systems owned by the customer or granted on "loan for use" or sold definitively by our partners to the Operational Center of the Institute.

It should be noted that the Service is available regardless of the type of location or customer: companies - homes - photovoltaic fields etc.

The connection of the alarm system to the Operations Center allows the reception of specific reports and, if necessary, allows the Institute to send one or more patrols (depending on the severity and peculiarity of the signal received ) for the control and status of the places from which the signal itself came.

The possibility of connecting Video Surveillance systems to the Operational Center of the Institute of territorial relevance completes the offer.
In conjunction with the connection of the alarm system, if the latter is received, through the VIDEO CONTROL it is possible to immediately ascertain the status of the places.

Furthermore, with the connection of the Video Surveillance system, in particular cases but also not necessarily, it is possible to carry out VIDEO ROUTES, which in fact could replace the INSPECTION SERVICES.

It should be EMPHASIZED that the connection of the Video Surveillance system to an ENTITY such as a Supervisory Institute allows to see the regulations inherent to the Privacy Law outdated and / or less oppressive.

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